Terms and Conditions


Photo Disclaimer:
By submitting or posting to any EW250 (East Windsor CT 250th Anniversary Celebration) submission box, website, or social media site, you attest that you have permission to use the image of any person in the post, having received a parent’s or guardian’s permission to use the image of their minors.  Your submission also grants the EW250 Committee the right to edit, print, share, and use the submission for any current and/or future need including but not limited to distribution, print, social, or internet advertising and possible distribution to third party users.  This permission can be distributed or transferred at the EW250 Committee’s discretion without notifying or assigning credit to the originator of the submission.  This agreement does not remove your right to the document or image you created, but acknowledges that the EW250 Committee and future EW Celebration Committees have complete rights to modify and/or use the post as well.